Shizuoka: Winter blooming Sakura “KAWAZU-ZAKURA”

Sakura (cherry blossoms) usually start blooming in late March and will be in full bloom within 7days or so. Then sakura fall shortly after fully bloomed. But the timing of blooming depends on the variety of cherry blossom.

One of the species, “Kawazu-zakura” start blooming in early Feb, it flowers over a month. The original tree was found in Kawazu-cho, Shizuoka prefecture in 1955. About 8000 of the trees has been planted all over Kawazu-cho and 850 are 4km along the river. During sakura festival in the town, over 950,000 (2019) people visited and enjoyed the coming of early spring.

You can see some of Kawazu-zakura in Tokyo however there are only 1 to 10 trees at each park or garden.


The lower left: “Taiyaki”
(fish shaped cake with red beans)


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