Saitama: Where the flowers of the four seasons meet “GONGENDO PARK”

Gongendo park is located in a prefecture north of Tokyo, named Saitama. It takes 1 hour by driving from Tokyo. The park is coverd with full of flowers in four seasons.

In the springtime, 1000 of sakura bloom 1 km along the river and also the river bank turns to be yellow color by canola flowers.

During rainy season (June), a hundred variety of hydrangeas give colors even on cloudy days.

Saitama Gongendo1
Saitama Gongendo2 After summer, red spider Lilies are ready for ohigan (It’s Buddhist services held during the week of the equinox) in September to October.

Narcissuses bloom for cerebrating new year in early January. Season’s flowers please visitors through a year!

Saitama Gongendo3 Saitama Gongendo4


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