Osaka: The 2nd biggest city is the kitchen of Japan “DOUTONBORI”

Osaka was a center of commercial during Edo period, it had good industrial infrastructure, which connected city by channels and roads.

A variety of seafood and vegetables were gathered there, food culture was developed. Since then, Osaka has been called “the kitchen of Japan” and “kuidaore” (means ‘to eat oneself bankrupt’).

doutonbori1The billboard with a runner is a symbol of the street

The most famous street of Osaka is Doutonbori street.

The street is full of street foods and restaurants so it’s well known as the place for “kuidaore”.

You can enjoy the view of very unique and iconic billboards of those restaurants from the street as well as Doutonbori river cruise.

doutonbori2Billboards of restaurants entertain people

doutonbori3River cruise is operated. It’s just 20 min trip.

doutonbori4Osaka’s signature food “Takoyaki” doutonbori5and “Okonomiyaki

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