Osaka: The best “FIREWORKS FESTIVAL” in summer

Fireworks festivals held a lot every summer in Japan other than celebrating new year alike western countries. Why so? Because we have a Buddhist festival called “Obon” in Japan in summer to honor the spirit of our ancestors. We originally set off fireworks to mourn the dead.

Back to edo priod (1603-1867), a large number of people in both the Kansai (i.e.Osaka) and Edo (i.e.Tokyo) died of famine or plagues. The event was held to comfort the spirits of the deceased and pray that those remaining would avoid getting the plague. In addition, it become a fixture in Japan due to Japan’s hot and humid summer as they became people’s favorite summer pastime to cool off while admiring the fantasy of lights. osaka fireworks
osaka fireworks2 -Yodogawa firework festival
Number of fireworks: 20,000 (estimated)
Event date: usually held mid Aug-Tenjin sai hounou festival
Number of fireworks: 5,000
Event date: usually held late July-Sensyu Yume hanabi
Number of fireworks: 30,000 (planed for 2020)
Event date: usually held late Aug

First two are held in center of Osaka and last one held near international airport.



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