Osaka: Japan’s most visited castle “OSAKA CASTLE”

The construction of Osaka Castle started in 1583 by Hideyoshi Toyotomi who unified Japan. It was the largest and gorgeous castle at the time.

However, it was destroyed by Tokugawa troops in 1615. The castle was rebuilt by Tokugawa later but its main tower was struck by lighting and burnt down. In 1931, the contribution from the citizens had covered the cost of rebuilding the tower.

Historical items, replicas and panels are displayed inside of castle. You can try samurai warrior’s armor there then go to top floor to have 360-degree panorama view of Osaka city as pictures below.

osaka castle
kabuto view from okasa castle

If you visit the castle in March or April, you can see the beautiful combination with plum blossoms or cherry blossoms. Also, November is the good season to visit.


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