Kyoto: Bamboo forest “ARASHIYAMA & RAKUSAI”

rakusaiBamboo forest, the symbol of Arashiyama, is one of the place which tourists never miss when they visit Kyoto.

The bamboo grove has about 200 meters long walking path cut through the forest where visitors can enjoy a walk.

Though it’s the beauty of the bamboo that brings people, those distinct rustling sounds have also become an attraction in their own right. The sound of the bamboo forest of the area has been selected for the list of “100 Soundscapes of Japan”.



As the Arashiyama bamboo forest is a top attraction of Arashiyama area, the grove is pretty crowded all the time. There is another “hidden” bamboo grove, Rakusai 6 km away from Arashiyama, you don’t see many people though it looks like Arashiyama.

Top: Bamboo forest in Arashiyama
Below: Bamboo forest in Rakusai



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