Kobe: One of Japan’s oldest hot spring and Geisya “ARIMA”

Arima is a famous hot spring town within Kobe. With a history of over one thousand years, Arima Onsen (hot spring) is considered as the one of Japan’s oldest hot springs. 

The water contains variety of minerals and is believed to help recovery from physical exhaustion, promote health and beauty.  You can enjoy hot spring at public bath or at ryokan (a type of traditional Japanese hotel).

arima1town of Arima Onsen

arima2Free footbath

arima3Bride in the ryokan “Gekkoen”

arima4 Geisya, Arima Onsen is the only place in Hyogo prefecture where you can meet geisha.

They visit hotel or ryokan and perform traditional dances with shamisen (traditional music instrument) and songs, and also play traditional game with you. 

Geisha have worked very hard on their singing and dancing lessons.

While you walk through the back alleys of Arima, you might hear the sound of shamisen or singing when they’re practicing.


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