Gifu: Town of Japanese Samurai sword “SEKI”

Seki city is located in Gifu prefecture (1-hour drive from the nearest international airport). The city is known as a town of manufacturing cutleries and blades with a history over 800 years.

There are some places you can watch how to make a Japanese sword. At Hamono (=cutlery) Museum, they operate a tour of Japanese sword forging and you can even experience it! Also, a famous swordsmith, Mr. Fujiwara is now a 26th generation of the sword making family in Seki with over 800 years and still produces Japanese sword opens his atelier and could arrange a demonstration.(Making Japanese sword takes weeks and the cost needs to be checked) seki1

seki2Forging iron

seki3A knife

Nameless lake is one of the most beautiful places in Seki city, Gifu.

The picture of carps swimming in the highly transparent water is like a painting of Monet so people call it “lake of Monet”.



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