Gifu: Panoramic view “MT. KINKA”

Gifu castle stands at the top of 329 meters high Mt. Kinka. The original castle was built in 1201 and formerly known as Inabayama Castle. Its lord of castle had changed several times and it was destroyed in 1600 after over almost 4 hundred years. Later in 1956, the present castle was rebuilt and has been a popular symbol of Gifu City ever since. gifu1
Before starting hike to the castle, there is a restaurant with beautiful panoramic view of not only Gifu but also skyscrapers of Nagoya. With more hike, you will reach to the castle and can see the same view what strongman warlord Oda Nobunaga who ruled the area and was about to unify Japan also saw. gifu2

view from free observatory at the restaurant before the castle.



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