Find Your “FUJI,” Like No Other

fuji1 Mt. Fuji with snowcap taken from the Lake Shojin, one of the five lakes located at the base

Due to its prominence and sacredness, Mt. Fuji has long been a subject of mountain worship.

Among numerous theories trying to find out where its’ name come from, one says it originates from a word “不死 (fushi, meaning immortal)” as elixir of immortality believed to have existed somewhere in the mountain.

(Photo: Lenticular cloud over Mt. Fuji)

fuji3 Every year, from July to mid-September only (official climbing season), nearly 300,000 people worldwide visit Mt. Fuji aiming to reach its summit. Although Mt. Fuji’s crowdedness is not as bad as that of Mt. Takao (located in Tokyo) which allegedly have the world’s largest number of annual climbers of approximately 3 million, it is good to have yourself prepared for an unexpected delay when visiting.

(Photo: Mt. Fuji in summer missing snow, taken close by the Lake Yamanaka)

What makes Mt. Fuji so special when taking photos is that, it fits perfectly to any setting regardless of weather, season, time of day, among others.One of the popular compositions with Mt. Fuji will be a combination with a bullet train (新幹線, Shinkansen). Bullet trains pass by relatively frequently, so please don’t feel desperate even if you miss one.

(Photo: Mt. Fuji with a bullet train passing by)

fuji5 Another composition which represent Mt. Fuji may be with Roten Buro (露天風呂, open-air hot springs). If you are staying at Ryokan (旅館, Japanese style hotels) around Mt. Fuji area, please make sure not to stay in a bath too long admiring a view from there.

(Photo: A picturesque Mt. Fuji with open-air hot springs, taken from Koraku Onyado Fujiginkei in front of Lake Kawaguchi )

Mt. Fuji also blends nicely in an urban landscape. This picture is Mt. Fuji sitting in between the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo skyline early morning. No wonder I had a great start of the day seeing this.

If you are visiting Japan, please don’t forget to put in your to-do list to spare your time discovering unique composition with Mt. Fuji!


You can check the live videos of Mt. Fuji in various locations from this site:


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