Encounter with vivid wall art paintings around “HARAJUKU”

Harajuku/Omotesando is an area with a great source of unique wall art paintings.

You can find many teenagers and tourists taking selfies in front of them as you walk around the streets.

wallart1Wall art at the entrance of a variety shop “Awesome Store Harajuku

If you are looking for a Japan-ish wall art, this may catch your eye:


This was drawn on the wall of a coffee shop “Design Festa Cafe & Bar,” which is attached to several art galleries where many young artists exhibit their masterpiece.

As you can see, this artwork is paying tribute to the traditional “Ukiyo-e,the woodblock print which prospered during Edo-Period (Roughly from 17 to 19 Century). If you look more closely, gentlemen drawn are busy serving coffee and beer, which never existed back then.

However, foods and drinks served here are more American (like hot dogs) than Japanese, so if you are feeling like having Japanese food, “Sakura-Tei” just behind this place offers delicious Okonomi-yaki (Japanese style pancake) and there you can enjoy artistic paintings 360 degrees.


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