Bizarre culture: “UNIQUE HOTELS”

1. Stay at Japanese school  (Chiba)

Yasuda elementary school, the closed school, is renovated and reused as accommodation. You can sleep in class room and enjoy your lunch like school meals.


2. Robots welcome you at the hotel (Several locations)

Henn na Hotel is operated with various advanced technologies. Dinosaur or humanoid robots greet their guests at the reception and also their advanced robot will help the guest in the rooms.

3. A tiny tiny chamber with privacy and amenities (all over Japan)

Capsule hotel provides you a chamber roughly the length and width of a single bed, and a locker. They usually equip a great variety of amenities even though it’s cheaper and smaller accommodation.

4. Stay at temple (all over Japan)

Staying at temple is available at many temples all over Japan. You can experience not only staying at historical temple but also training such as Zen meditation or  sutra transcribing like the monk do.


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