Bizarre culture: “GACHA-GACHA” (toy capsule)

Gacha-Gacha (toy capsule), also called gachapon or gashapon, is loved by Japanese kids to adults. Originally the machine came from America in 60s and had spread all over Japan in 70s. It costs approx 100-500 JPY per time, depends on the machine, and contains more molding detail.

Many gacha-gacha item are often licenced from popular anime character, so they are considered collector (otaku)’s items. They used to be seen in the supermarket and other shops with a few machines however there are some places, which are only for gacha-gacha and put so many of them as they became popular and have enthusiastic collectors.

capsule1One of the gacha-gacha place at Narita airport

capsule2Gacha-gacha capsule


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