Like your Londons and your Paris’s, Japan really gives you an unfriendly impression when it comes to production budget. Yes, especially in Tokyo or in any big city in Japan, you worry about whether you can afford to have your production here.

This is where we can help you.

Having a local partner who knows the filming business in and out of Japan will really help to cut down on your cost.

We can help you stay in budget accommodation;

you don’t necessarily need to hire a car if your kit is small;

you can in fact fly out yourself to work with a local team and save airfare for flying out an entire crew.


On the other hand, if you want a luxurious shoot ready for you and your VIP talent, we can fix that for you. We can tailor your shoot according to your budget and needs.​

Here we give you an idea of how much you can do with your budget:



All cost is subject to change depending on seasons and availability.
We make cost effective arrangement and minimize costs to fit into your production budget!


ENGLISH SPEAKING FIXER / 45,000 yen – 70,000 yen per a day

Fixer fee is depending on experience, ability and languages.
Additional fee will be charged for long working hours.

FULLY EQUIPPED CREW / 110,000 yen – 120,000 yen per a day

Daily price for DOP, soundman, HD camera, sound equipment and tripod.
We also offer film equipment rental services, facilities and studios.

RESEARCH (PRE & POST-PRODUCTION) / 4,500 yen per hour

DAY 1 of research as you make your first inquiry is free of charge.
Thereafter, fees will apply for our research fee according to time committed by us to serve your inquiry.
You will be notified before we start charging you.

Average 50 – 80 hours per production approximately.
However the amount of research depends on the scale of your shoot.


* Tokyo Tour Ticket / 1,590 yen per a day
(allows you unlimited rides on most of public transport in Tokyo)

* 4 seater taxi / 730 yen up to 2 km, additional 90 yen per 280m

* 6 seater large taxi charter / 45,000 yen per a day (9 hours)

* 15 seater Toyota Commuter / 45,000 yen (8 hours, up to 170km)

* LCC Tokyo-Osaka / from 5,500 yen (with 20kg baggage allowance)

* LCC Tokyo-Hokkaido / from 6,410 yen (with 20kg baggage allowance)

* LCC Tokyo-Okinawa / from 7,860 yen (with 20kg baggage allowance)


* Tipping is generally not required nor expected in Japan.




We will notify you when your bookings will be subject to cancellation fees should you decide to cancel your shoot.
You must make your payment by bank transfer to pay the cancellation fee, research fee up until cancellation and any other cost incurred.

We will only start the arrangement of your shoot once we have confirmed your bank transfer payment.


You will be requested to settle your account with us by cash or credit card before you depart Japan.
Under no circumstances, bank transfer will be allowed to settle your account after your film shoot is complete.


We will abide all laws in Japan and we cannot undertake any activity which will be perceived as breaking the law.
If you are consigning a crew in Japan to do your shoot, you will be requested to make a payment upfront in full, for the quoted fee prior to the start of the shoot as show of your commitment.
Payment currency will be Japanese Yen only.